My daughter, Hannah, and I became members of Midwest Cheer Elite Florida when the doors opened in the summer of 2013.  My daughter, who was 12 at the time, had been participating in Pop Warner Cheer since the age of 6.  When we decided to switch to All-Star Cheerleading, we anticipated learning new skills, new routines and her becoming a better athlete.  Little did we know that we would be getting a whole lot more at MCE!!  Yes, Hannah’s skills improved dramatically—the coaching staff pushed her to learn new skills, become stronger and better at her sport, which she did!  Her first year with Midwest she started on the Senior Level 4 team Solstice, and last season, she moved up to the Senior 5 Restricted team Lady Suns.  But Midwest Cheer Elite has taught Hannah more than just how to throw a full…it has taught both of us the importance of teamwork, the value of friendships, and the numerous character traits that make us better people...traits like integrity, honesty, tolerance, self-control, responsibility, courage, commitment, kindness and compassion.  Midwest Cheer Elite is a family!  Throughout the last two years at Midwest Cheer Elite we have grown, developed, struggled, cheered each other on and supported each other when we were down.  We have laughed during the good times, and cried when our gym lost a precious child to cancer.  Hannah may not always be able to cheer at MCE as she gets older, but Midwest Cheer Elite will always be in our hearts!! ~ Nicole DePuy

Behind every great athlete is a coach that pushes them, supports them and loves them. This couldn't be truer than at MCE Florida. This past season was our first season at MCE and we love it! When we first walked in the doors we were welcomed with open arms. The coaches took our oldest daughter who believed that she just wasn't meant to tumble and encouraged her. Even if it meant them coming in on their own time to make sure she believed in herself that was what they were going to do! She ended the season with level 3 tumbling skills but more important than that she ended the season believing she can do it! She believes she can do it and do it well thanks to the training from her coaches. MCE is a large gym but never once did our girls feel like just a number. The staff knows everybody's name and they truly love the kids. As a parent I just couldn't ask for much more! They work hard and they love strong!

When you think of an All-Star sport in this case All-Star Cheerleading, you might look for an organization that possesses professionalism, knowledge, safety and maybe even discipline. As a parent these would be some of the things I would look for and Midwest Cheer Elite Florida surely has them. However, two things I believe Midwest has that separates them from other All Star cheer gyms we have tried would have to be the love the coaches and other parents have for these kids as well as the family atmosphere. It’s not all about wining for these coaches, its teaching these kids that going out on that stage and giving it their all no matter the outcome is what “winning” truly is. These coaches give their hearts and soul to this program and it rubs off on the kids. Cheerleading is my daughter’s life. She eats, sleeps, and breathes cheer.  Andrea has been cheering for 10 years, with the last two being at Midwest.  I have to say she’s become a great role model and her self-confidence and determination have really blossomed in these past two years. If you’re looking for an All-Star cheer gym in SW Florida, you really should try Midwest. It’s one of a kind! ~Ashlee Beougher

Midwest Cheer Elite Florida is amazing!  This place isn't just about cheering!  It's about lifelong friends, amazing experience and most of all this place teaches about being responsible, working together as a team not as just an individual.  The coaches here at Midwest truly love and have a passion for each and every athlete.  I personally have been able to see how amazing the staff is with our athletes.  My daughter has come so far with the help of the wonderful staff here at Midwest cheer elite.  There has been times where my child has come to a bump in the road with her skills and the coaches are right there to get her through it.  The love and passion they have really shows.  I couldn't be happier than to call Midwest not just our cheer gym of choice but our family as well.  MIDWEST CHEER ELITE IS THE PLACE TO BE! ~ Lisa Soundara

The year was a great one!! Great friendships were made. What I loved the most is how the older girls helped Emma and motivated her to try even harder than she already does...excited to see what next season brings! ~ Kellie West

Our family is amazed at the level of dedication and talent each of the coaches at MCE possess. The whole gym, front desk staff, coaches, parents, and kids are very supportive of each other. From the moment we walked into the gym 2 years ago we received warm welcomes from everyone, the management, coaches, all the way down to the athletes and parents. Midwest Cheer Elite is not just a gym, it's a family. The staff works hard to help each child with their own goals and challenges, they also take it one step further and communicate to kids on their level and help them master skills using terms/ideas that kids understand and remember. MCE realizes that each athlete progresses through their skill level differently. And not only is that recognized but the opportunity to progress your child skill level is wide open. Our daughter Kayla has been with MCE for about 2 years now. She started out at 4 years old not knowing anything about cheerleading. Kayla had no idea what a cartwheel or even a back bend was. Now, less than 2 years later she she's not only doing cartwheels, but she has perfected her back walkovers, standing and running backhand springs, and is currently working on a back tuck. Never did we imagine my 6 year old little girl learning and doing the skills she is doing. We sit back and watch not only our kid but all the others. And we are amazed on the progression of the skill levels from when they first started. The increased self-confidence that we see in each and every athlete at MCE is amazing. That alone is something that will help them in their future endeavors. The amount of friends, experiences and memories that we have made with MCE is priceless. Midwest Cheer Elite is an amazing organization that we are so happy to be a part of. We are ready and can't wait to begin the new season with our MCE family! ~ Jackie Polhemus

Our daughter was interested in trying out for competitive cheer two years ago. A friend of the family recommended a new gym opening in Fort Myers called Midwest Cheer Elite Florida. We were hesitant due to the fact that it was a "new" gym, and we knew nothing about the coaches or the staff. We also knew absolutely nothing about competitive cheerleading. We decided to give it a try..... Needless to say, we were NOT disappointed!! Midwest Cheer Elite has been an investment in our daughter's future. 

The coaching staff has taught her discipline, commitment, and perseverance. She has learned that "it takes a team" to make things happen. Our daughter has learned that it's NOT "all about" getting 1st place or the highest score when competing, it's about doing your best and enjoying the journey along the way. These are qualities that every child should learn.

The integrity displayed by the coaches and the staff is evident every time you step foot into the gym. They continuously exude positive energy to each and every cheerleader they come in contact with on a daily basis. We are always greeted with a smile upon entering the front door. 

If you are interested in enrolling your son/daughter in a cheerleading program that will give your child memories that will last a lifetime and qualities that will help your child grow emotionally, mentally and physically, I highly recommend Midwest Cheer Elite Florida. ~ The Rizzo/Mulligan Family

I visited Midwest Cheer Elite (MCE) in the summer of 2013 to check it out simply because I wanted to get my 5 year old daughter into some kind of an activity. I never dreamed that I would find so much more. In the past 2 years at MCE I have seen my daughter gain some incredible tumbling skills, works as a team with her teammates and most of all her confidence has grown tremendously. I love the staff at MCE because they are attentive, accommodating, and supportive. MCE has become a second family to my daughter and me. I would recommend MCE to anyone that is looking for a safe, fun, and family oriented environment for their kids. You will not be disappointed! ~ The McFarlane Family